Franchise Plan

Based on our franchise plan structure, Express kart courier offering various franchise plan in pan India. Where everyone who want to start a business and want to be an entrepreneur. Express Kart Courier offering you various franchise categories according to your financial stabilization which suitable according to you. Express kart courier addressing substantial presence in Pan India.

Express Kart Courier offering various categories of the franchise for substantial presence in Pan India.

Unit Franchise

Express Kart courier unit franchisee has the selective range where a unit franchisee will cover 3 Pin Code in a town and cities. Most of the franchise of express kart courier is based on the unit franchise where they will access all the services which are performed by the company. They take care business related work in their assigned pin code for which they are assigned. Express Kart Courier’s unit franchisee will serve all business related word and customer service in their assigned pin Code for which they are working.

Master Franchisee

Master franchisee will work on the district level. Master franchisee will be responsible for developing unit franchisee in their assigned district or cities. Master franchisee will cover a district in small town and in the city there will be two master franchisee will be appointed by Express Kart Courier. Master franchisee will be responsible for taking care all unit franchisee who is working under them. They will help and guide all unit franchisee for business revenue generation and provide better customer service and maintain the quality service in their assigned zone or district where they are working. Express kart courier’s Master franchise will give all training to the unit franchisee and the collective centre member who will work with them or work under their district zone.

Syndicate franchise

This franchise highly selective and express kart courier appoint this franchise who have prior experience in this industries also have an investment capacity and business contacts with the corporate house. For corporate business franchise company first will verify those individual regarding their zone and during the verification first they will consider the district or zone market value regarding how much possibility to come business from their hand or their cities.

Collective Centre

Express Kart Courier give an opportunity to everyone who wants to earn money from the business. the Collective centre will work under unit franchisee those who has a right to the booking of courier and cargo for any individual who is visiting their shop or offices. They will book and they will give that courier to the unit franchisee who is nearby to them.

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