Restricted and Banned Item

Some certain items are banned or restricted by the Bureau Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) and/or the Regulatory Requirements of the State.
These items are banned by Express Kart courier (GK DART COURIER SERVICES PVT. LTD.)
The Banned and restricted item which is as follows:

  • Indian Postal Articles and all items that infringe the Indian Postal Act of 1898
  • Precious and semi-precious stones, gems, jewellery and equivalent items
  • Liquid, semi-liquid and gasses.
  • Firearms, parts thereof and ammunition
  • Currency
  • Perishables
  • Radioactive or magnetic material
  • Sodexo pass
  • Negotiable Instruments (Bearer Form)
  • Pornographic material
  • Flammable Items
  • Toxic and infectious Items
  • Drugs & Narcotics (illegal)
  • Machinery parts containing oil, grease, fuel or batteries
  • Corrosives
  • Powders and chemicals
  • All restricted items and Dangerous goods

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Definition: –  The items which are potentially hazardous in its characteristics. These are laid out by IATA in the Dangerous Goods Regulations.

These are categories in class, which are as follow

  • Class 1: Explosives
  • Class 2: Gases
  • Class 3: Flammable Liquids
  • Class 4: Flammable Solids
  • Class 5: Oxidizers and Organic Peroxides
  • Class 6: Toxic & Infectious Substances
  • Class 7: Radioactive Material
  • Class 8: Corrosives
  • Class 9: Miscellaneous e.g. Magnets or Deodorants – a danger to aeroplane equipment.

Some commodities are banned and restricted by surface and Air mode of transportation
All part which source of battery, electronic items, and electrical products.
Any single package which weight is more than 32 Kg is banned
All the package which is oversized which is as follows
32″ x 19″ x 19″ is acceptable and more than this size is banned.
Any commodities which are banned by law.

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